Better Business for All

As part of the council’s work on developing the local economy, our Better Business for All (BBfA) project brings together businesses and regulators to improve how local regulation is delivered and received. It involves the creation of local partnerships to identify the issues facing local businesses and shapes the provision of effective support services to them.

Business champions

Regulatory services play an important role in supporting businesses. This support can provide businesses with both an economic advantage, confidence to grow and thrive and reassurance that they are meeting statutory requirements. We support hundreds of businesses every year, but here are a few case study videos from businesses who have received our support and how they believed it has helped their business.

Samirah Spice 

Chilly Cow Ice Cream | Website

Authentic Thai Cuisine

Patchwork Pate | Website

Henllan Bread | Website

Rhug Estate | Website

Better Business for All is all about removing the regulatory barriers to growth - and raising the economic competitiveness of Denbighshire.

It's a local partnership between businesses and regulators.

Compliance with regulations can help your business:

  • provide a high and competitive standard of product that customers trust
  • help guard your business against liability
  • highlight any inefficient use of resources.

Better Business for All also provides your business with a simple, single point of access to free advice on business regulations from those best placed to support you - the regulators themselves.

We can provide answers to queries relating to:

Building control 01824 706717 Contact us online
Food safety 01824 706405 Contact us online
Health and safety 01824 706405 Contact us online
Housing Enforcement 01824 706389 Contact us online
Licensing 01824 706342 Contact us online
Planning 01824 706727 Contact us online
Pollution 01824 706080 Contact us online
Trade waste 01824 706000 Contact us online
Trading standards 01824 706057 Contact us online

Which organisations are involved?

The scheme is supported by:

What to expect when we visit your business

The purpose of an inspection or visit to a business initiated by the service, is to check compliance with environmental health, trading standards or licensing law. If an inspection service is delivered well, it can be helpful and practical in assisting your business to comply with the law, without placing unnecessary burdens on a business. We understand that the majority of businesses based in Denbighshire are honest, legitimate enterprises that operate within the law.

We are committed to working with compliant businesses to assure economic growth and to encourage non-compliant business to understand and meet regulatory requirements.

Inspection made simple.

What you can expect of us

In all our dealings with businesses you are entitled to expect our staff to:

  • Follow our general service standards;
  • Identify themselves by name and produce identification if requested;
  • Provide a contact point for any further dealings;
  • Give clear and simple adviceWhere equipment or documents are detained or seized, provide you with a list of those items;
  • Confirm advice in writing on request, explaining why action is required and the timescale for completion;
  • Consider and minimise the impact of the visit on your staff any customers;
  • Clearly distinguish between what you must do to comply with the law and what is recommended as best practice;
  • Minimise the cost of compliance by requiring proportionate, risk based action;
  • Provide you with a reasonable time to comply (unless immediate action is necessary to remove a risk to public health or risk of serious injury);
  • Notify you if the matter is to be reported for legal proceedings;
  • Advise you of the procedure for making a complaint;
  • Maintain confidentiality (subject to exchange of information in accordance with data sharing protocols).
Having your say

Tell us how we can improve our services.

If you feel that you have not received the standard of service you expect, you may contact us to make a complaint or discuss your concerns or you may want to let us know we are doing a good job. More information on how to make a complaint or compliment can be found here.


The service is delivered following the principles and objectives of the Planning and Public Protection enforcement policy.

All of our enforcement activities are risk based and proportionate.

All of our officers are competent.

An intelligence led approach is adopted to ensure that we target those businesses that pose the greatest risk or are more likely to be failing to comply with the law. We visit food establishments in accordance with the national food law code of practice and other workplaces in accordance with national code and priority planning guidance produced by the Health & Safety Executive.

Enforcement action will only be considered where it is appropriate and proportionate. All enforcement decisions will be made in accordance with our policy.

Fees and charges

We have a number of fees and charges relating to the services delivered by us.

Advice pack for start up businesses

Check out the advice pack from our regulatory services.

Download our advice pack

It provides initial guidance on regulatory requirements for new and expanding businesses - and a push in the right direction for further help and advice.