My employment


Here you can find information on all aspects of your employment at Denbighshire County Council.

Terms and conditions of employment (Employee Handbook)

Our Employee Handbook is designed to introduce you to our organisation and to be of continuing use during your employment.

Probationary period

New employees of Denbighshire County Council are automatically subject to a six month probationary period.

Performance management

Performance management provides an opportunity for employees to have a conversation with a manager about their performance and development needs.

Reorganisation and change

The nature and role of the council is continually changing. It is therefore essential that change is managed effectively and efficiently to ensure its successful implementation within the organisation.

Employment conflicts

Information and guidance on employment conflicts for employees of Denbighshire County Council.

Sources of advice and support

In most instances, the first point of contact for your query should be to contact Human Resources.

Addendum to policies

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