Leaving, exit and end of contracts procedures


Notice periods

Both the council and the employee are normally entitled to a minimum period of notice of termination of employment.

The minimum periods of notice to terminate employment are listed in the Employee Handbook.

Leaver form

Managers must complete a leaver’s form as soon as an employee resigns from their post – either for another internal post or if they are leaving the council.

Leavers form

This form is issued by the line manager and completed and returned to HR sometime during the leaver’s notice period.

Further to completion of the form, managers should complete the Leaver Checklist and return to Human Resources.

Leaver checklist

Exit Questionnaire

Exit Questionnaire (Online)

Employees will be given access to a survey link in order to complete an exit questionnaire. If an employee wishes to have an additional exit interview with their line manager, HR Business Partner, Senior manager then they are able to request one.

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