Our framework for leadership encompasses leadership attitudes and behaviours, management skills and a responsibility to create a collective leadership culture and capability. Our vision is to have individual leaders who are role models, displaying our identified leadership attitudes and behaviours. They are people we trust and who create a culture of trust, who work together to achieve results and who learn from each other to deliver our shared management responsibilities. They are people who are accountable and take responsibility for their own development and improvement.

The eight leadership behaviours identified in the framework are:

Learning and Self-Awareness

This core behaviour is essential for an individual’s growth and improvement. It will support a leader in reducing repeated mistakes, creating a positive attitude and promoting behaviours that embrace learning and raised self-awareness.


Building Collaboration and Partnership

Effective leaders will do everything they can to generate higher levels of trust and confidence to break down silo thinking and see the public service as one community, to reach out to potential partners to build collaborative enterprises that will assist in delivering more effectively in future.


Sharing Leadership

Releasing the potential of team members and creating an environment where team members and wider stakeholders can feel part of and identify with the shared vision produces optimal performance.


Focusing on Citizens and Quality

Having a sharp focus on quality and a genuine concern for the citizen, will mean that both decisions and delivery will involve the citizen and deliver what is important to them.


Political Awareness and Skill

Organisations of all kinds find themselves in an increasingly complex environment and one where success will often depend on building partnerships and strategic alliances. The challenges of doing this will place a premium on handling internal and external contacts with sensitivity and astuteness.


Championing Innovation and Change

To be effective, leaders must be able to operate in an environment that is uncertain, often ambiguous and constantly changing. They need to foster creativity and accept a degree of risk to bring about improvement, and to encourage the same mindset in their teams.


Drive and Resilience

Demonstrates commitment to delivering the right services for citizens. To improve performance and cope with the pressures of turbulent change, leaders need both a high level of drive and resolute persistence in following through on objectives, along with the ability to develop this attitude in the rest of the team.



Strategic Orientation

Leaders must focus on the deeper and wider long term picture on behalf of their organisation and team. Leaders need to be ahead of the game and to actively scan the horizon for developments that may impact on their existing plans and priorities both now and in the foreseeable future.