Recycling and waste disposal

We have five recycling and waste parks that residents can use for their domestic waste:

Christmas tree disposal

All residents can take their real Christmas trees to one of our Recycling Parks where they can be put in the garden waste container. Our garden waste scheme subscribers can chop up their tree and put the pieces in their green wheelie-bin.

Find out more about garden waste collections

We only accept three bags of building rubble, bricks, tiles and soil at our Recycling Parks per month. If you need to dispose of more, you may want to hire a skip from a licensed company.

Only Denbighshire residents can use our recycling parks.

You will need to provide proof that you are a Denbighshire resident (e.g. drivers licence or utility bill) to use a recycling park.

Non Denbighshire residents will not be permitted entry.

Building rubble, bricks, tiles and soil are not classed as domestic waste (even if they come from a household) and we have no obligation to accept these at our sites. However, we do accept small amounts, but no more than 3 bags per visit. If you need to dispose of more of this type of, then you should hire a skip from a licensed company.

Items that cannot be recycled kerb side

There are many recyclable items which cannot be recycled kerbside, but can be recycled locally. All packaging materials should have on-pack recycling labels. Packaging labels and recycling symbols are now appearing on lots of everyday items, and help us to identify how different types of packaging can be recycled.

More information on recycling labels

Other items that can be recycled but not through kerbside collections (e.g. plastic bags) usually have local collection points.

Find out where other items can be taken to be recycled.


You will need a permit for our recycling and waste parks if you are bringing waste in a trailer with more than one axle or a commercial-type vehicle.