Disabled Reduction

A reduction can be given if any of the following criteria is met: 

  • A wheelchair is used indoors
  • There is a second bathroom or kitchen required for meeting the disabled persons needs 
  • There is a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory which is predominantly used by and required for meeting the needs of the disabled person

This discount works by reducing the band on your bill e.g. if you live in a band D property, you would be billed the same amount as a band C property. A disabled reduction can be awarded with other discounts. To apply for a disabled reduction, please download, complete and return the application form to Russell House, Churton Road, Rhyl, LL18 3DP.

Single Person Discount

If there is only one adult living at a property, which is that person’s sole or main place of residence, then a 25% discount can be awarded.

How to apply

You can apply for a single person discount through an online account.

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Alternatively you can download an application form, or phone the council tax department (in some cases, you may be asked to write in).

Can I have a single person discount on an empty property?

No, the single person discount can only be applied to a person’s sole or main place of residence. Therefore if you own two or more dwellings, you would only be eligible for the single person discount at your main property if applicable.

Other discounts

A 25% reduction can also be awarded to households with more than one adult if the other residents are disregarded for council tax purposes.
A 50% discount can be applied in some situations. This would happen when all the adults are disregarded for different reasons (e.g. 2 occupiers, 1 is a full time student and the other is a carer) or if there is only one adult who is disregarded but no exemption is available (e.g. apprentice).
The following is a list of people who can be disregarded along with an application form containing additional notes for each discount:

You can return an application form to Russell House, Churton Road, Rhyl, LL18 3DP.