Apply for a council tax exemption Class E

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  • Class E exemption

    This exemption is awarded when a property is left unoccupied and the person (or persons) responsible for the council tax is (are) permanently resident in a hospital, hostel or nursing/care home.

    The exemption is not awarded where a person is staying temporarily in hospital, or in respite care.

    Related discounts and exemptions

    If an adult lives at a property on their own after another person has moved permanently to a hospital, hostel or nursing/care home, a discount can be awarded. Complete a Permanent residents in nursing/care homes or hospitals application form to claim this discount.

    If a property is left empty by a person who has moved in with someone else to receive care due to old age, disablement, illness, past or present alcohol or drug dependence, or past or present mental disorder then a class I exemption can be awarded. Complete a class I exemption application form to claim this exemption.

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