Making public places accessible

Our Disability Inclusion Toolkit provides tips, advice and guidance on how to make a public place more accessible and inclusive for disabled people. 

The kit is split into three parts:

Inclusion booklet

The Inclusion Booklet includes a general introduction to disability inclusion, information on provider’s legal requirements in relation to inclusion, parent’s top 7 inclusion tips for providers, specific information on a variety of impairments and tips for supplying accessible information along with much more. 

Download the inclusion booklet

Inclusion Self-Assessment Kit

The Self-Assessment Kit sets out a range of inclusion standards which providers can use to assess their setting and subsequently produce a development action plan. 

Download the Self-Assessment Kit

Disability Information Cards

These cards provide a brief description of a number of common impairments, inclusion tips and direction to websites providing additional information. 

Download the Disability Information Cards

You can email if you would like more information on the toolkit.