Denbighshire Supporting People / Homelessness Prevention

Supporting People is a Welsh Government Programme, funding support projects for people 16+ who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

In Denbighshire we have a range of projects, including fixed-site supported housing and floating support (where a support worker is based out in the community), supporting over 1,000 people at any one time. 

Denbighshire Supporting People is aligned with statutory homelessness, as the Denbighshire Homelessness Prevention Team. 

Homelessness means being without a safe and secure place to live. This includes things like ‘sofa-surfing’, living in unsuitable accommodation, accessing emergency beds and sleeping rough. It can mean facing a number of difficult and traumatic experiences. Homelessness or risk of homelessness can happen, and continue, for many different reasons, including evictions (not necessarily because of any fault of the tenant), relationship/family breakdown, being unable to cope because of experiencing traumas or other support needs, and people just not having enough money to keep their home, perhaps because of a job loss or changes to benefits. 

Our housing related support services are for people 16+ who live in Denbighshire and are homeless or at risk of losing their home. We aim to prevent homelessness wherever possible, working with the community and our partners to identify and tackle its causes, and empower people to live as independently as possible.  

You can make a referral for these services by completing the referral form, and sending it to 

How to get help:

To get help and advice, and to talk through your options, you can:

Help yourself with our Homeless Prevention Guide.

Out of Hours:

If you become homeless outside working hours, and you have nowhere safe to sleep you can call our out of hours service on 0300 123 30 68.