Children's libraries

Children of all ages are welcome at Denbighshire libraries. Every library has a special section for children, with books and activities for all ages.

At what age can a child join the library?

There is no minimum age – children are never too young to join the library. The earlier they join, the better, as sharing books from an early age gives every child a great start.

What can children borrow?

Children can borrow up to 10 items at a time, including books and DVDs.

Children can borrow items for up to 3 weeks. Children under 16 don’t have to pay fees if they return their items late, but if you would like to keep your items longer, then it’s easy to renew them online. Children under 5 don’t have to pay fees for damaged books.

What activities are there for children?

We hold regular Bookstart Rhymetime and Amser Twf sessions throughout the year. These sessions aim to make books fun for babies and children, by using songs, rhymes and movement. They are particularly suitable for children aged 3 and under, and their parents and carers.

Every year, we run the Summer Reading Challenge, a national campaign to help children develop a love of reading. The challenge is simple: to visit the library 3 times over the summer and borrow at least two books each time. When you complete the challenge, you are awarded a certificate and a medal. The challenge is open to every child and is free of charge.

During Children’s Book Week, children from local schools visit libraries to meet authors, and our Writing Squads bring talented young writers together for workshops with authors.