Grass cutting

We cut the grass verge alongside the roads to keep the grass looking tidy. This also helps to keep drivers safe by maintaining visibility.

Coronavirus update

All grass cutting works to cease as soon as possible.  The existing workforce will be redeployed with the main focus being on Highways reactive works and Street Cleansing. Priority initially will be for GM operatives to assist in Highways functions, where the demand is mostly at present. 

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When do we cut the grass?

In rural areas, we cut the grass in two general swathes, twice a year. We cut the grass near junctions, roundabouts and bends more frequently, so that visibility is not compromised.

In urban areas (i.e. within 30mph areas) we cut the grass much more frequently. We will keep paths and pavements clear of grass cuttings, but we do not collect the cuttings from the grassed areas.

We carry out weed spraying within 30mph areas up to 3 times a year.

Protecting biodiversity

Grass and roadside verges are important sites for wildlife, including pollinating insects, birds, mammals and some rare plants.We treat certain rural areas differently for the benefit of biodiversity, this can include letting some parts grow more than others. Find out more about this by reading the policy here. We have also designated roadside nature reserves to protect particularly important verges. Find out about our roadside verges project

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