Local Development Plan - Evidence, monitoring & information

LDP Annual Monitoring Report

Under the obligations of section 76 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, as amended, and section 37 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan) (Wales) Regulations 2005, the Council is duty bound to produce an annual monitoring report for submission to Welsh Government (WG) by 31st October each year and publication on its website.

Monitoring represents an essential feedback loop within the process of policy-making. It should identify the key challenges, opportunities and possible ways forward for revising and adjusting local policies. The process is a tool for measuring the relevance and success of the LDP and identifying any changes necessary. It also provides feedback on the extent to which the LDP Strategy and policies are being delivered and achieved.

Joint Housing Land Availability Studies

Strategic Flood Consequence Assessment - Update

Final Report (January 2018)

Appendix A - Detailed Settlements

Appendix B

Appendix C

Wind farms

Local Housing Market Assessment

Local Housing Market Assessment Need, Demand and Affordability in Denbighshire

Retail Study - Capacity

Denbighshire Retail Study 2018 - Retail Capacity

Open Space Assessment and Audit

Open Space Assessment and Audit

Town CentreHealth Check

Town Centre Health Check 2018

Employment Land and Economic Growth Assessment

New housing occupancy survey

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