Additional Candidate Sites

We have received 36 new candidate sites in response to the consultation on the draft Preferred Strategy for the replacement Local Development Plan 2018 – 2033 (LDP).

Submitting a candidate site for the LDP is not the same as submitting a planning application to the Local Planning Authority. The publication of a candidate site does not mean that the site will automatically be taken forward as land for development in the next LDP. These sites are not preferred sites for development at this stage in the plan-making process.

You can get more information from the following documents;

Additional candidate site maps

The following documents show details including a location map of settlements from where sites have been received (if a settlement is not listed, this means we did not receive any proposal from this particular area);


This is your opportunity to comment on these 36 additional sites. We welcome comments that are planning-related considerations, for example; availability of infrastructure, potential effects on the natural and built environment.

Commenting on an additional candidate site

You can let us know your comments on an additional candidate site by:

Please include the reference number in your response as this will help us in identify the correct site.

This non statutory consultation closes at 5 p.m. on 13 March 2020

All comments received will be made publicly available.

If you have any queries you can phone us on: 01824 706916.

What happens next?

All sites that have been submitted for consideration in the next LDP will be fully assessed. Your comments will help us in forming a judgement on whether to take the site forward to the next stage in the plan-making process.

The Draft Deposit LDP document will contain those candidate sites that the Council is likely to include in the Replacement Local Development Plan 2018 - 2033

Find out more about the next stages of producing the Replacement LDP.