Planning enforcement

Our planning enforcement team can investigate possible infringements of planning control such as; 

  • Building work, engineering operations and changes of use of land or buildings that require planning permission, but for which planning permission has not been obtained.
  • Development that has planning permission but is not carried out as approved 
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of a planning permission 
  • Works carried out to a Listed building without consent 
  • Removal or pruning of protected trees and hedgerows without consent 
  • Advertisements which require express consent under the Advertisement Regulations, but which are displayed without consent 
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of existing planning legal notices, such as enforcement notices and breach of condition notices
  • Untidy Land which is causing harm to the amenity of an area.

Report a planning breach

If you would like us to investigate a possible breach of the planning rules, you can report a planning breach online.

Report a planning breach online

All personal details are confidential and will not be made public while dealing with the complaint. However, on rare occasions, with serious breaches of planning control which result in an appeal, we are required to give the Planning Inspector and the appellant details of the complaint, which will include your name and address.

You may also be invited to provide a witness statement to support your complaint and to help us, but this is voluntary.

Unless you have a special reason for not giving your details (which you have explained to an enforcement officer), anonymous complaints will not be investigated. 

When planning enforcement action is not possible

We will not be able to take enforcement action in the following cases;

  • If the work does not need permission.
  • If the development already has the necessary permission.
  • If the work has become legal because of the passage of time, even if it did not have permission in the first place.
  • The breach is deemed minor with no significant effects. 
  • Where a non-planning issue is identified. In these instances we will pass the complaint to the relevant department of the Council or other body.


If you have received an enforcement notice which you disagree with, then you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate Wales

The Planning Inspectorate must receive an appeal before the date the enforcement notice comes into force.

Once an appeal against an enforcement notice is lodged, the matter is on hold until the Inspector issues his decision. Prosecution is not possible at this time

Make an appeal

You can find guidance for making an appeal on Planning Portal or contact us for more details.