Complaints about schools

Please be aware that the Council may take longer to respond to any correspondence or complaints, due to staff shortages and the Council’s response to Coronavirus. Thank you for your understanding.

Pupils, parents, guardians and members of the public can make a complaint about a school.

If you have concerns about any aspect of your education, or your child's education, you can often resolve them quickly by talking to a member of staff at the school, such as a teacher.

However very occasionally a concern may not get resolved in this way and you may consider making a complaint. You will need to complain directly to the school as the school is responsible for addressing your concerns through its complaints procedure.

All of Denbighshire’s schools have a complaints procedure. Contact your school to get a copy of their procedure.  This will help guide you through the process you need to follow.

Common concerns

It is not always clear who has a right to be involved in decisions about a child's education and other school matters.  The Welsh Government provides this guidance for schools, but it is also useful for parents and carers.

If you are concerned about bullying you should speak to a teacher at the school.  You can also ask to see the school's anti-bulliyng policy - every school has one of these.  Find out more about dealing with bullying.

Role of the Council

Denbighshire County Council has only a very limited right to intervene and cannot make decisions about your complaint. However if you feel that the school did not follow the procedure correctly you can contact us for further advice.