Education and schools policies

There are statutory and non-statutory policies for schools in Denbighshire, as well as policies that Denbighshire County Council use to deliver other education services. 

Governing bodies are responsible for determining all the school's policies. 

We produce model policies, which the governing body considers and normally adopts without making any changes to the content, other than inserting the school's name and logo. 

The date each policy was adopted by the full governing body should be recorded. This ensures that the school's policies comply with legal requirements.  It also ensures they comply with any practices and procedures determined after consultation with unions, headteachers and chairs of governing bodies.

We recommend that school's policies are audited, to make sure that all the policies are in place. 

You can request a copy of any of the school's policies from the headteacher.

Statutory policies for schools

These are policies that schools' governing bodies have a duty to produce and adopt.  

We are working on a model and encourage schools to create their own policies on;

  • Health and safety

Non-statutory recommended policies for schools

These policies are not required by law, but we do recommend that schools have them in place.  The governing body is responsible for producing these policies;

We are working on a model and encourage schools to create their own policies on;

  • Premises Management
  • Sustainable Development Policy

Denbighshire County Council education services policies

We use the following policies to deliver education services;