Draft Public Toilet Strategy

Wherever people go, outside of their own homes, they depend on toilet facilities for the enjoyment of their visit, and visitors to the county, who may be some distance from their homes, also depend on provision to accessible toilets. Toilets can make a significant impact upon the comfort of individuals and families who visit public spaces and their perception of the area as a desirable place to visit.

Provision of, and access to toilets is an issue that affects public health. Accessible, clean toilets that are well located in places such as town centres, parks, cycle trails and walking routes can help encourage people to socialise, take exercise and stay more physically active. This has clear health and economic benefits. Conversely, a lack of adequate toilet facilities can impact on a person’s physical and mental health, as well as affecting the wider environmental health of the population.

This strategy should contribute toward achieving accessible and clean toilets wherever people live, work or visit. Need is likely to grow through new housing developments and through tourism. This is an opportune time to set a strategy for promoting access to toilet facilities where they are needed.