Garden waste

Coronavirus update

We have taken the decision to suspend garden waste collection services until further notice, to ensure front line workers and fleet are reserved for the collection of other waste streams, such as food waste and black bin/pink sack service). 

Please have consideration for other residents and do not burn garden waste.

We will extend all household subscriptions for the same number of weeks the service will be suspended.  We will be unable to process refunds for any households who have had a collection of garden waste within their collection years. If it is possible to retain your garden waste in your garden until the service resumes, please do so. Further guidance on “how to compost at home” will be provided in the next few days.

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Other ways to dispose of garden waste

Some garden wastes can be shredded and returned to the soil as a mulch or composted at home either on a traditional compost heap or a home composter. Find out about the home composter available from us.

Can I put garden waste in my black bin?

No. We will not empty any black bin or refuse sack that contains garden waste. Garden waste must be placed in either the green wheelie bin or green dumpy sack. If garden waste is found in any other container, it will result in a formal notice being served and possible further enforcement action being taken.

Customers on weekly pink and clear sack collections

Unfortunately, the new garden waste collection service is unavailable to customers on weekly pink and clear sack collections. If you are on these collections, please do not sign up for the garden waste collections. We will be reviewing this and will let you know if this changes.